Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Bound or basic handwriting?

Our children can’t learn any longer and the teachers can’t teach any more since Curriculum 21 has been introduced stepwise.
The bound handwriting (“Schnürlischrift”) which always allowed for fluid writing is planned to be replaced by the so called basic font (“Basisschrift”). It is argued that the latter was contemporary and child-friendly. The basic font is nothing more than a self-production by the Canton of Lucerne. It is bound only in some aspects and can’t be written without interrupting the flow.
It had been planned to prescribe the basic font with the Curriculum 21. Due to the fact that the Curriculum 21 now stands in the crossfire of criticism they are now trying to introduce the changes by “salami tactics”. Now the base font shall prematurely be introduced merely by “recommendation” of the D-EDK’s*. Curriculim 21 will be revised until 2017 and some aspects have already been changed. But nevertheless, the schoolbooks which are actually being used, hastily implemented the concept of competence training – one hallmark of the the Curriculum 21. It seems as if the Curriculum 21 is being introduced in a piecemeal way. What will be the next step?
Why are we, the citizens, not asked about all that? Don’t we have direct democracy and co-determination? Our educational system is our only natural resource and our economy is depending on its high quality for the chance to maintain our position on the world market.

Doris Stutz, Zurich

*    German Speaking Swiss Conference of State Ministers for Education
(Translation Current Concerns)

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