US and Russia are fighting for the energy market in Macedonia

US and Russia are fighting for the energy market in Macedonia

The pipeline Turkish Stream can only supply Europe with Russian gas if it passes through Macedonia. The US want to prevent that and want to build the Trans Adriatic Pipeline instead. This would supply Europe with gas from Azerbaijan, where the US is the dominating power.
Macedonia is apparently evolving into a new scene for the energy war between the US and Russia. For the Kremlin, it is clear that the United States want to stage a “regime change” to overthrow the current government to establish a pro-Western government, reports Bloomberg. In fact, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski is considered a pro-Russian politician who primarily supports the construction of the pipeline Turkish stream. The Russian pipeline Turkish Stream should run through Turkey and Greece to Central Europe. The only way to get there is Macedonia.
The US, however, would like Europe to be supplied with gas via the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP). Turkish Stream is a direct competitor to TAP. TAP would transport no Russian, but Azerbaijani gas from the Caspian Sea to Europe. In this case the US would have an enormous controlling influence over the gas supplies for Europe because Azerbaijan is politically, militarily and economically considered as US ally and closely cooperates with NATO.
The Azerbaijani newspaper “Yeni Musavat” reported that the United States are worried by the participation of Greece in Turkish stream. The US ambassador to Macedonia, Jess L. Baily, openly sides with Macedonian opposition leader Zoran Zaev. He is known as “America’s man” by the population of Macedonia. The events in Macedonia were the beginning of a wave, which will be directed against all those countries in Europe that support Turkish stream, the newspaper said.
The battle for the European energy market is in any case in full swing. The US government wants to detach the European states from the energy dependence on Moscow. Those who see this as help for the Americans, are mistaken. Instead, US corporations are supposed to guarantee the energy security of Europe. US companies should lead the fracking- and nuclear power market in Europe to oust the Russian energy corporations.     •

Source: Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten from 21.5.2015

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