Letter to the editor 3

Letter to the editor


Once again, a little insight into our despicable monetary system was allowed.
The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. A few super-rich control and command the way things should be like in this world. They own the media, and politicians are their puppets. The piles of rubbish are growing, suppression and destruction of nature increases. At certain locations, the oceans are already like slurry. The armament industries balloon. All this happens in the name of money, yield, shareholder value, the unlimited economic growth.
Those who are born today will barely have a chance of becoming a hundred years old, if not a humane monetary system will be installed in the near future.
It is high time to reconsider Leo Tolstoy’s short story “How much land does a man need?” in order to debate his ideas on principles. Otherwise, our world will be uninhabitable in a near future, and it might even go faster if any crazy ruler detonates a nuclear bomb.
These ideas may sound too pessimistic. However, if we bring to our minds to what extent our world has changed during the last hundred years – and especially since the Second World War – there is not much time left to immediately step on the brakes and set up an earth for humans, animals, nature and not for the Golden Calf. This is the more the case, as can be assumed that the world will be rejigged at an even more spanking pace in the future.
Goethe’s “Sorcerer’s Apprentice”: “Oh, here comes my master! Help me Lord, I plead! Spirits I have conjured, no longer pay me heed.”

Oskar Meier, Bazenheid, Switzerland

(Translation Current Concerns)

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