Maintain neutrality!

Maintain neutrality!

Swiss exercise in close proximity to Russia

rt. Since 2 years, the US-led NATO in the framework of Ukraine-conflict is actively working towards an escalation with Russia. On-going NATO manoeuvres close to the border with Russia fuel the conflict permanently. In the past six months, 12 larger NATO manoeuvres took place in Eastern Europe. Also on the part of the Russian government, manoeuvres are performed on the endangered western border of the country. The battlefield of a possible military escalation lies in Europe. Not in North America, from where the escalation is pursued. This can be neither in the interest of the European states themselves, nor in the interest of neutral Switzerland.
It is therefore necessary for our country to reconsider the cooperation with NATO front Organization Partnership for Peace (PfP) and to draw the necessary consequences from the current political situation.
Training flights of the Air Force in Poland – a NATO state – performed near the Russian border (Kaliningrad), appears in the meantime more than adventurous (cf. <link https: gov de start dokumentation medienmitteilungen.msgid-62726.html> ) and this even a short time after a major NATO military exercise (Anaconda).
As the Home Country of the Red Cross, as a conciliator of Good Services between hostile states confronting each other, our country cannot afford to be involved in military conflicts due to carelessness or lack of political reflection. Especially now it needs a neutral Switzerland, which has full capacity to act and can credibly conciliate between the fronts. A termination of the PfP engagement in Switzerland by the Federal Council or a popular petition can be a first step to prepare for the coming times ahead.
For our army in such times of tension, there are indeed other places in the world for manoeuvres, weapon tests and training as the Polish Deblin or the NATO country Turkey.     •

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