Think of emergency supply

Think of emergency supply

rl. Are you well provided? Are your relatives, your neighbours? An emergency supply can tide you over a difficult time. Via the Federal Office for National Economic Supply (FONES) you can get information about a short-termed 7-day emergency supply (Expecting the unexpected. FONES. <link http: dienstleitungen> or instructions for handling a possible power supply shortages or blackouts (<link http: dienstleistungen>
In addition to the current indications of the FONES, which have meanwhile been updated and are available on “social” media (see box), it is strongly recommended to consult older information. It involves a larger stock and contains proposals how to manage the emergency stock. We recommend, for example, the list of goods from the brochure “Haushaltsvorrat – Damit der Fall der Fälle nicht zur Falle wird.” (“Household reserves – So that the worst-case scenario will not become a trap”/not available in English) of FONES in 1997, which applies to a period of 14 days. In this brochure, you will also find suggestions for the rational management of the stock.     •
(Translation Current Concerns)

Alertswiss – an app for the planning of individual emergency plans

cc. In 2015, in cooperation with partner organizations, the Federal Office for Civil Protection (FOCP) launched the system alertswiss. There, via a website (<link http: external-link seite:>, everyone interested will find a smartphone app and, via Twitter (@alertswiss) and YouTube, current, modern and upbeat information about the today’s emergency supply and the behaviour during disasters and emergencies. The newly launched homepage of the Swiss Civil protection focuses on an individual emergency plan that everyone one can create himself. Family meeting points, important information, or a list of emergency supplies can be stored on the smartphone. The app is well done, dusted, and fresh. In an emergency, it is vital that both the authorities and the concerned population act quickly and correctly, says Benno Bühlmann, Director of the Federal Office.
...but check before a crisis – the World Wide Web could also disappear.

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