“How Europe becomes a plaything of politics and secret services”

“How Europe becomes a plaything of politics and secret services”

by Felix Meier, Colonel a D, former Chief Intelligence Officer Ter Div 4, former President of the Association. Switzerland. Newsoffice (VSN)

There are few people who are able to write openly and critically about the work of secret services. The author, founder of the Austrian Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the Fight against Terrorism and an insider gives for the first time an exclusive insight into the background of the struggle for Europe. Gert R. Polli has worked with all the world’s intelligence services. He knows the connections between economy, politics and the services. In this book, he deals with the changed geopolitical situation in the world. As a result Germany has been “caught in the crossfire”. Polli describes the blurred boundaries between information and disinformation, between resistance and covert attack, between political action and agitation. The book is a contribution to the strengthening of transparency in the democratic-liberal society.
Europe – and thus the EU – is in his hitherto most critical security situation. Germany will become a key factor in the continued existence of the Union as we know it. Over decades, a misunderstood partnership with the US had led to a comprehensive control and monitoring of Europe and Germany in particular. At the front line: American secret services and their informers. The role played by the BND in the background is especially piquant. These and many other explosive insights are due to the information of the American whistle-blower Edward Snowdon. The conclusions for German politics and the economy are highly disturbing. Even the more “friendly” course of the NSA investigation committee in the “Bundestag” could conceal this. Even today, Germany is still an occupied country.
Politics, business, and the German secret service landscape are closely linked and dependent on foreign intelligence services.
The global struggle for resources is being exacerbated by international terrorism, carrying the war right into the heart of Europe. The European Union is in the most severe crisis since its existence. With the emergence of new, EU-critical and right-wing or left-wing parties, displacements in the democratic structures are also being observed in the EU.
For the citizens, Polli concludes, it is hardly clear who is behind what movements. The secret services have become the spearhead of global change.     •

Polli, Gert R. “Deutschland zwischen den Fronten. Wie Europa zum Spielball von Politik und Geheimdiensten wird.” Finanzbuchverlag 2017.

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