Intra-American power struggle – world peace in danger

Intra-American power struggle – world peace in danger

Germany is still following in the wake of the US war alliance

by Willy Wimmer

Within a week, the dimension we are all facing, even if we are no Americans, became clear. The two landmarks were set by two people who should almost be called beacons of the defining war establishment in Washington.

There was former Senator John McCain, who, like a head of state and in sharp contrast to incumbent President Donald Trump, was led nationwide and spectacularly to lie in state in the rotunda of the US Capitol. His years of appearing at the notorious and annual conference in Munich had made it clear that hardly anyone in his Republican Party would be able to challenge his reputation as the “archpriest of war.” He was not alone in this, as clarified by the spreading of the war alliance to the Democratic Party and thereby to their last top candidate Hillary Clinton.

For millions of Americans, Trump means a counterbalance to the war alliance

That was what millions of upright Americans perceive as that Washington which does not care about them, and which was believed to have to be counterbalanced by President Donald Trump, so as to save that America which they perceived as a free country. Unfortunately, the political Washington of our day hates this “political upstart” president so much that one has to wonder who would ever survive these threatening operations as a friendly or even a defensive-minded head of state? In the person of John McCain, a Republican pillar saint of the war coalition has broken away, and no successor is in sight. Will the next war
have to wait because of this?

Bob Woodward: “Fear in the White House”

No, neither anyone in Washington nor any of the Washington salvation troop’s worldwide supporters will have to wait. Even before that time, well-known American author Bob Woodward had made sure of this with his publication “Fear: Trump in the White House”. One would think that it cannot get worse in Washington. After the death of John McCain, anything went in Washington. Only one thing was apparently not possible: Waiting for the publication of the book about the monster in the White House, so that no time should be wasted.
President Trump has been under continuous fire for nearly two years, but with the publication of Bob Woodward’s book, the President was to be given the political and presidential coup de grâce. This is something which we might consume with relish in our easy chairs in Europe as a spectacle of American self-destruction. But that is the last thing we can afford to do. Why so? Because the Washington establishment and its London socmen are on the verge of laying the groundwork for the next big war, in Syria and concerning the poisoning of the Scripals. We, who live in Europe, should admit this. Between all of us and the next war, which according to Sigmar Gabriel will sweep us all away, there is only President Donald Trump. As long as he does not start his presidential war, the proof to the contrary cannot be given, even though, in view of Washington’s lust for war, our hope for peace is hanging by a thread.

Remembering Roosevelt’s words – a characterisation of US politics

In order to assess that situation on the globe for which the United States has been responsible for decades, one only has to bear in mind the words which, according to the 2004 book on the “Pax Americana” by German author Wolfgang Effenberger, were put into the mouth of President Roosevelt at his quarantine speech on 5 October 1937 in Chicago. President Roosevelt then spoke of “the present reign of terror of international lawlessness. Innocent peoples,” President Roosevelt continued, “are cruelly sacrificed on the altar of greed for power and a lust for power that knows no justice or human consideration.”
One cannot help feeling that Roosevelt, with his speech on Europe and its neighbouring regions, in advance scourged his own country’s actions since the criminal war against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and what followed.

How precarious today’s situation is for all of us

This, however, makes it clear how precarious today’s situation is for all of us, who love our own lives as much as that of others. The system that created these wars must be mercilessly maintained, otherwise there would probably be a global wave of war crimes trials. In this, Syria is life-threatening for all of us, as it is becoming apparent that the situation in Syria is perceived as the “great halt signal” for the global intervention policy since 1999 by the members of the War alliance in Washington. Global political dislocations could follow hard on.

“Shareholder value” and the left-liberal establishment

Wars are not all that is in store for us if we look around Washington. The American presidential election campaign with Bernie Sanders as candidate has already shown one thing. Anything that is seen as a challenge for shareholder value and for the left-liberal political establishment in the alliance must be fought down at all costs. Seen in this way, also the meeting between the German Chancellor and US President Obama at the Berlin Evangelical Church Congress as well as a previous meeting make special sense. After the cross-party war alliance with the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had not succeeded in preventing Donald Trump, at least the left-liberal establishment in NATO was to survive. This objective was pursued with a vengeance, and if you look at the situation in Germany, the positions of power will be defended with teeth and claws.

Germany’s dark role

It is no longer a question of “seeking the peace and prosperity of the city”. After the experiences made at the presidential elections in the USA, no further weakness will be shown concerning the social system. Years ago, the supporters of the “social market economy” were already insulted as communists. Those who demand the “democratic constitutional state” as the basis for human and civil rights are shown by means of provocateurs with reminiscences of the past that power will never again be given up. If necessary, the “Bundeswehr” will then be deployed against its own people, which case is provided for by some of the so splendid provisions from the epochal EU Lisbon Treaty.
The pockets of the henchmen of the newest system of injustice on German soil are lined with state dough and they are marched off against upright democrats in order to spread self-fabricated defamations in the overarching sense among the people. The brown-red swamp is used to achieve the desired results in Germany.

Neighbours are no longer respected in Europe

Manfred Weber’s candidacy as EPP leader for President of the EU’s governing body shows what political Berlin is capable of. No one is making a secret of the fact that one of the main causes of the British Brexit lies in political Berlin. With Chancellor Angela Merkel, the recipe for success of German post-war policies was abandoned, which consisted of respecting one’s neighbours. The Merkel migration in Europe had a prominent advocate in Manfred Weber. With an EU president from Germany, do you want to serve Europe or a Berlin ruling system as the European appendix of the Washington War alliance?      •
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