“Germany is continuing on its path to disaster”

“Germany is continuing on its path to disaster”

Open letter from Willy Wimmer to the German Federal President Frank Walter Steinmeier

Dear President of the Federal Republic of Germany

On 7 December 2018, at 10:58 a.m. dpa reported from the Chinese metropolis of Chengdu, that you had stood up in front of students for respect for human rights and the rules of the United Nations. The Chinese listeners and their government as well as the Germans will have noticed that because of the declared and executed policies of the respective federal governments since the war against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which violated international law, such statements from the mouths of German officials are not even sound and smoke.
The former German Chancellor, Mr Gerhard Schröder, has publicly and frankly admitted that he broke international law by agreeing to the NATO war against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The United Nations rules, so highly praised by you in China, have suffered irreparable damage as a result of the declared policies of a federal government and have left the world at the mercy of „Western law of the jungle“. A look into one‘s own constitution, German criminal law and the Soldiers Act should have made it clear that one should be cautious with the mass regulations of other peoples and states.
We also see this “policy of the slippery slope”, which causes our country to fall, in the destruction of the rule of law by federal governments, whose most noble task should actually be to protect this order. The Federal Chancellor‘s decision of 4-5 September 2015, to leave the German state borders permanently defenceless, has given our German constitutional state a blow from which it will not recover.
Millions of citizens in our country are opposed to this. Not because they want to turn away from the constitutional order. The people in the country advocate that the German state itself show respect for the law and that state action is bound to not unilaterally override the jurisdiction of the legislature to enforce the interests of third parties. Those who are committed to seeing the rule of law preserved by the state are deliberately placed under general suspicion by the leaders of our state in order to prevent freedom of expression from being possible in the first place. The Federal Chancellor is tempted to criminalise citizens in the safeguarding of their civil liberties with terms from GDR criminal law.
One gains more and more the impression that our country is to be “rebuilt” beyond the rules of the democratic constitutional state by the representatives of our state in the sense of a different order. The German Bundestag is deliberately marginalised for this purpose. Those who stand in the way of this in trust and for the preservation of the rights guaranteed in the Basic Law, will be finished by the “media blockwarten”, who, like “chain-dogs” of unhappy remembrance, secure the way taken by the government and the state, after line and thread and in fascist proven way. The “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”1 has recently brought the German disaster to the point for the art sector. Numerous public references make it clear that these antidemocratic elements in the media enjoy state and thus financial support.
Two aspects that are capable of throwing our country off track completely make things even more difficult. Germany is supporting Ukraine with billions of euros in German and EU funding. A country, mind you, in which important military formations, openly and with presidential benevolence, refer to a clearly National Socialist past. With German tax money, we are supporting a country that is thus making use of the enemies of humanity and civilisation.
With its considerations on the „EU Army“ and the openly postulated elimination of the so-called „parliamentary reservation“, Germany is continuing on its path to disaster. The Bundeswehr is thus playing a role in EU-Europe and Nato, again becoming the „second pillar“ of the state. Parts of the Reichswehr also strived for this with and through Adolf Hitler. This is a development as it had also been on 30 January 1933 and thus a core part of the National Socialist „seizure of power“.
With this letter, an open letter, I would like to draw your attention to these undesirable developments. In my view, they are so serious that you should act as Federal President to uphold the German rule of law.

Willy Wimmer, 13 December 2018

1    <link https: www.nzz.ch feuilleton politische-aktionskunst-in-deutschland-macht-es-doch-wie-stalin-ld.1443740>www.nzz.ch/feuilleton/politische-aktionskunst-in-deutschland-macht-es-doch-wie-stalin-ld.1443740  [Footnote by the editorial staff]

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