It’s about our dignity

It’s about our dignity

Fundamentals of the stock market and preparation for war

by Karl Müller

The sharp drop in prices on the New York Stock Exchange and subsequently at other major investment houses in the world has given rise to speculation. Right up to the mainstream it was discussed whether the predicted “crash” is emerging. To give an answer to this question is probably not possible right now. However, it becomes clear what everyone actually knows: The speculation with foreign money and the all-pervasive policy of cheap money by the central banks (and governments) have created a huge bubble of securities that no longer corresponds to the reality of the economic performance of companies but “makes the rich ever richer”. This cannot work. These crows are probably pecking out each other’s eyes. In 1929 and in 2008, however, it hit millions of innocent people around the world. Others, in turn, deliberately brought about these “crashes”, benefited from them and had far-reaching plans. There is even an exciting German motion picture from the 60s: “The Black Friday” (<link>

An image from mathematics

In the study of mathematics there is a vivid picture of the difference between real and complex numbers. The real numbers are scattered dots on a sheet of paper which seem incoherent to the observer. But if we look at the points for the real numbers on the lines of the complex numbers (where those are the subset), it turns out that the real numbers are points of a picture that has clear contours. Similarly, it may seem to us today when only considering the many crude events one by one. At first glance, it is like a confusion. Many headlines make no sense, they rather create feelings of powerlessness. What does the overall picture look like?

War propaganda of the British Chief of the General Staff

On 22 January 2018, the British Chief of the General Staff Sir Nicholas Carter held a speech at the British Royal United Services Institute. The British Chief of the General Staff assumes that today’s Russian leaders think and act like the Russians before the First World War or the Japanese before 1941, thus preparing a war of aggression because they were in decline and saw the “solution” in a war alone.
Such a war could come sooner than expected. The Russian attack, however, would be different than previously thought. “It will start with something we don’t expect.” Just like in 1946 George F. Kennan in his famous official justification for the US “containment policy”, the British Chief of Staff assumes again today, Russia was to be well stopped despite everything. The task of NATO was “to identify Russian weaknesses and then manoeuvre asymmetrically against them.“
Thereto “real institutional capacity” would have to be created in Russia’s neighbouring states (!) so that they “have the strength and confidence to stand up to Russia”. Also, the West should make “more progress on reducing energy dependency on Russia. We should be telling the Russian population what’s really going on” and yet NATO states should be looking to “identify our own vulnerabilities to Russian malign [!] influence and disinformation, and act to reduce them.” Needless to say, NATO ground forces should also be stationed in Russia’s neighbouring countries. “[…] a platoon of infantry is worth a squadron of F-16s when it comes to commitment.” And so on.
So today, the British Chief of the General Staff is talking: very concrete war propaganda with the popular sacrificial rhetoric – as in projecions. This was already the case in the Cold War. It justified the murder of millions of Koreans and millions of Vietnamese, the political, economic and military colonisation of the Middle East and the African and South American continents, as well as the vassal status of the states of Europe.

Readiness for war of the new German government?

CDU, CSU and SPD have concluded their coalition negotiations. Everything has been presented very excitingly in the media. Much has been written and spoken about the contentious issues. The topic foreign policy of the coming German government was hardly worth a single line. Obviously, there was no need for discussion. Also, there should be “no alternative” in the coming years. We know what this means: no peace policy, no détente in relations with Russia, instead allegiance or even a pioneering role in the further escalation of the confrontation. People are not to reflect. They must be put to sleep or kept in suspense.
The migration issue is a topic that works well. This question absorbs people. It polarises and splits the country. Again, the West Germans and the East Germans are played off against each other. Germans in the East have very good arguments how they are supposed to be dealt with and what kind of stamp should be put on them. There are excellent contributions to this right down to the mainstream. On 31 January 2018, the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” writes: “Der Tag, an dem ich Ostdeutscher wurde” (The day I became an East German).

Human dignity instead of “public relations” and “Change Management”

“Human dignity shall be inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all state authority.” … How far has the German state moved away from these two core sentences of the German constitution? What about the other NATO states? “The Century of the Self” is an almost four-hour BBC documentary from 2002. The film (<link> ) documents how the “elites” in the US (and not only there) thought about us citizens and acted. By no means we were  rational and humane, but compulsive and aggressive … and if there are many of us, we would rapidly become an unpredictable and homicidal “mass” of people … but only as long as we live our lives without supervisory control from above.
That’s why it needs the “elites” that have been using us for 100 years now with the help of various manipulating techniques (“public relations”, “Change Management”, etc.) lead us to exactly where these “elites” want us to be and we are supposed to believe that we too wanted it exactly the same way. At Wikipedia you can read, “‘The Century of the Self’ is an award-winning British documentary by Adam Curtis. It explores the impact of the work of Sigmund Freud, Anna Freud, and Edward Bernays on the behaviours of businesses and governments dealing with, analyse, and control people.”
On the other hand, it says in a commentary on the German Basic Law “Personal dignity consists in the fact that man, as a spiritual-moral being, is destined for self-determination in freedom and self-confidence and to have an impact on the environment. Dignity of man is the inner and at the same time social value and respect which man has for his sake.”
If this is really done, then the stock market has become obsolete, the war policy can be overcome and all “elites” have to come down to earth: as man among men, “born free and equal in rights and dignity”.    •

Germany rearming against Russia

km. On 8 February 2018, the German Press Agency (dpa) announced that the German Armed Forces is almost certain to install a new NATO planning and control center designed to accelerate troop and equipment transport around the continent as part of the rearmement of NATO. The offer, made by German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU), has been accepted by other NATO member states. There would be no other candidates for headquarters. The final decision will be made at a summit of NATO defense ministers next week.
According to dpa, the new NATO support command centre could be located in the Cologne-Bonn region. The “Bundeswehr” already has its armed forces headquarters in the Bonn-Cologne area. It is said that NATO’s reaction to strengthen its command and force structure is mainly because of “Russia’s perceived aggressive policy”. A leaked report showed last October that military leaders were concerned that the alliance was not adequately prepared against a surprise Russian attack.  “[…] We took major decision to modernise the NATO Command Structure. […] With the right forces, in the right place, at the right time”, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said publicly after a meeting of NATO defence ministers.
On the same day, the German “Rheinische Post”, published in Düsseldorf, reported that almost without exception, the Federal Government has declared a list of military manoeuvers by Russia and NATO demanded by the Left Party as classified information. Alexander Neu, one of the signatories of the parliamentary question in the “Bundestag”, said: “Obviously, the German government and NATO want to continue their anti-Russian propaganda undisturbed by facts and public”. He had asked that the allegations of massive armaments and constant manoeuvres at the borders of NATO be substantiated with facts. As a lesson from this approach, he advises “even more distrust of statements from politics and ‘Bundeswehr’ when it comes to the danger of the ‘Russian Bear’.”

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