ÖXIT platform submitted election proposal in three federal states

Inge Rauscher, initiator and spokesperson for the “ÖXIT-Plattform für Heimat & Umwelt, Neutralität und Direkte Demokratie” (ÖXIT Platform for Homeland & Environment, Neutrality and Direct Democracy), announces that an electoral proposal for the general elections has been officially submitted in the three federal states of Vienna, Lower Austria and Upper Austria.
“The day before we were told by the head of the electoral office in the presence of witnesses that already the day before significantly more than the legally required number of declarations of support for Vienna (500) had been handed in in the offices, namely 545. This shows that the authorities are well aware of the number of statements of support that have been submitted for which party respectively campaigning group. The citizens’ will is therefore clearly visible, and only that should count in a democracy!”, said Inge Rauscher, who added the following: “The material submission of all paper forms at the actual taking place of delivery is therefore not a measure of the extent of the actual citizen support of a campaigning group. Therefore, not only in Vienna (with 462 declarations of support available on paper at the time of submission), but for the same reasons also in Lower and Upper Austria (with 429 respectively 308 declarations of support in paper form). It can definitely not be a problem for the authorities, whose administrative work is financed by all citizens through taxes and levies, to give the total number of actually paid declarations of support in the respective state.”
Nationwide, the ÖXIT platform had just under two thousand support declarations – a strong sign of life of the EU opponents in the middle of the holiday season. Dipl. Ing. Rudolf Pomaroli, chairman of “Neutrales Freies Österreich” (Neutral Free Austria) NFÖ, whose members actively support the ÖXIT platform in addition to the “Initiative Heimat & Umwelt” IHU: “The ÖXIT platform, which was only launched in mid-June 2019 and which we will continue to support and operate together, is another important pillar of EU resistance in Austria.”    •

Inquiries & contact: “ÖXIT-Plattform für Heimat & Umwelt, Neutralität und Direkte Demokratie”: “Initiative Heimat & Umwelt” and “Neutrales Freies Österreich” (www.oexitplattform.at, jazumoexit.at)
Inge Rauscher +43 2242 70516 or
+43 664 5818307, ihu(at)a1.net, Rudolf Pomaroli +43 699 10086924, buendnis(at)nfoe.at

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