Sanja – a greeting to the conference

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Sanja – a greeting to the conference
The unprecedented war of aggression by the NATO troops against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has a face. It is the face of Sanja, who has been torn from her hopeful life at the age of fifteen. She had been a student of the elite mathematical boarding school in Belgrade for half a year. As the second best mathematician of her year, she was entitled to this place. She was a great hope for her country, perhaps a new Tesla. She was killed by Nato fighter planes on the bridge of her hometown Varvarin, together with others, in a terror attack typical for the NATO. Typical because the pattern corresponded to what the world experienced in the attack on the embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Belgrade, when the United States wanted to keep going the war of aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which was contrary to international law and gross.
There’s another face to this war. That of NATO spokesman Jamie Shea. Seldom so few people lied to so many with such an effect as it happened on the part of the NATO and the politicians responsible in the West of the type of Tony Blair, Josef Fischer or Madelaine Albright in the war illegal under international law against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The spirit with which a country was invaded in the midst of peace lives on today. There is no other way to value the fact that Christoph Heusgen, foreign policy advisor to the German Chancellor, recently paid spectacular tribute to Jamie Shea in Berlin.
We should be aware of the dimension of this war today and then. This is illustrated by the refusal of a British general to comply with the NATO Commander-in-Chief Wesley Clark’s instructions and to start the next world war by ordered action against Russian forces. That was and is the point in the dimension of the NATO aggression up to this day. The gross war of aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was the starting shot for the “war that should have its starting point in this war”. Those for whom The Hague was intended have not yet taken their seats in the dock.

Willy Wimmer, State Secretary of the Federal Minister of Defence (retd.) Vice-President of the Parliamentary
OSCE Assembly 1994-2000, Member of the German Bundestag from 1976-2009

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