Learning from Brexit

ds. You can think what you like about the Brexit, but that we can be sure: Switzerland can learn a lot from it:

The arduous exit process can be a warning to Switzerland not to commit itself more closely to the EU by contract. England is now free to conclude treaties with whomever it wants and to determine its own policy once again. And why should Switzerland, of all countries, now place itself in such dependence with the Institutional Framework Agreement, from which England has just so laboriously freed itself?

Because of the mammon? The Swiss economy was already reported that it is finished when the citizens voted against joining the EEA. The opposite has come true!

And should the EU really harm the Swiss economy with its blackmail, is freedom and self-determination not worth more to us than the mammon? Or are we no longer prepared to defend these values and, if necessary, to make certain material sacrifices in return?    •

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