Letter to the Editor

Health protection of the population is the primary goal of Corona virus prevention and containment

The new Corona virus is spreading rapidly and in waves all over the world. The pandemic is currently presenting the health care system with an extraordinarily large challenge, with the most far-reaching and profound effects on the global economy since the Second World War. By 3 April 2020, over 1 million infections had been confirmed worldwide, including over 18,000 cases in Switzerland.
Unfortunately, there are always people at this memorable time who are prejudiced against the Chinese system and the Chinese Communist Party. Attempts are being made to void China’s success and effectiveness in preventing and curbing the virus and China’s contribution to world health. 
Those who attack the Chinese system should ask themselves: Would the Corona virus really have been better controlled if it had first broken out in a western country? I ask those who accuse China of having acted too late: Which country in the world has taken measures against the spread of the Corona virus faster and more consistently than China? 
Unfortunately, many countries remained idle even more than a month after the virus outbreak in China, some even until 2–3 weeks ago. They allowed valuable time to pass, which ultimately favored global expansion of the virus.
China’s remarkable success in combating the epidemic is based not on propaganda, but on the joint efforts and dedication of the entire Chinese people, including foreign Chinese, and on the friendly support of the international community. President Xi Jinping repeatedly stressed that China must collect experiences from such events and learn from them.
Faced with the virus, we need personal initiatives and the participation of the population, we need even more rapid, decisive and effective government measures. We need individual solutions from the government and population of every country, but even more we need targeted, strong cooperation of all humanity. Every system needs constant reforms and adjustments. Self-criticism, self-revolution and self-improvement are inherent qualities of the Chinese Communist Party in its continuous pursuit of progress and further development.
The Corona virus is a common, dangerous enemy of humanity that knows no geographical and ideological boundaries. The greatest knowledge gain from the virus outbreak is that all of humanity forms a “community of fate” in this test, regardless of how many distinctions and differences the countries have in terms of religion, politics, geography, culture and other characteristics
We’re all in the same boat. The highest priority now is to put aside all clichés that are not useful for the prevention and containment of the virus. Instead, the health protection of the population should be the gold standard. We should cooperate more closely to research and develop clinical diagnostics and treatments, effective drugs and vaccines as quickly as possible so that every single life can be saved. As in the past, in the present as well as in the future, China will always regard the protection of global public health as one of its most important tasks and will work intensively for it.

Zhang Fengye, Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Zurich

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