“The Swiss Lectures – World Order and the Rule of Law”

The book “The Swiss Lectures – World Order and the Rule of Law” is the extended edition of the German book “Schweizer Vorträge – Texte zu Völkerrecht und Weltordnung” (2019). The English book is a collection of all articles by Hans Köchler published in the Swiss journal Current Concerns, from 2011 to 2021. The articles summarise lectures given in Switzerland to readers of Zeit-Fragen, the German& edition of Current Concerns. The book also contains further analyses and interviews on pressing issues of our times. 
  Hans Köchler’s approach combines basic legal-philosophical analyses with an assessment of current development in law and world affairs. In one of his texts he writes:
  “In philosophical – or more specifically, hermeneutical – terms, we can only understand ourselves if we are able to relate to other identities. This is true for the individual person as it is for a collective of individuals. [...] Realizing that knowledge of other cultures is indispensable for knowing oneself will also help to create a new and solid basis for what is called peaceful co-existence, namely a harmonious living together of communities – cultures and civilizations as well as states” (p. 24f).
„May this English edition encourage readers to further deepen their appreciation for the dialogue between cultures and people, to advance the awareness of the benefits of diversity and exchange rather than violent power politics, and to acknowledge the ‘resulting need to reach an understanding beyond ideological boundaries" (pp. 70f below).” (Preface of the Editors, p. 10)

The Author

Hans Köchler (*1948) is emeritus professor of philosophy. From 1990 until 2008 he served as Chairman of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Innsbruck (Austria). Köchler’s research interests include legal and political philosophy, hermeneutics, and philosophical anthropology. As co-founder and president (since 1972) of the International Progress Organization (Vienna), he has committed himself to the causes of peace and inter-cultural dialogue. This has been evident in numerous publications and lectures all around the globe, as well as in his engagement in many international organizations. Köchler served in committees and expert groups on international democracy, human rights, culture, and development. In 2019 he was appointed as member of the University Council of the University of Digital Science (Berlin). Since 2018 he has taught at the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin. Hans Köchler lives in Vienna.

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