Julian Assange receives two awards

ef. Julian Assange receives two awards. The first is the Dr. Karl Renner Journalism Prize, which is awarded annually by the Austrian Journalists Club (ÖJC) for outstanding, longstanding journalistic achievements. It is named after Karl Renner, the founder of the First and Second Republics of Austria.
  On 2 November, the German PEN Centre appointed Julian Assange as an honorary member. Originally founded in England in 1921, the association has established itself as an advocate of free speech and is considered the voice of persecuted and oppressed writers. “We call on the relevant authorities in England not to extradite our honorary member Julian Assange to the United States of America, where he faces up to 175 years in prison, but to release him from prison immediately and unconditionally. His continued imprisonment is solely politically motivated and therefore neither acceptable nor justified. It is contrary to the right to freedom of expression and therefore contrary to the Charter of International PEN.”
  After Stella Morris, Julian Assange’s fiancée, took legal action, the British authorities granted the couple permission to marry in the Belmarsh High Security Prison.
  Further public pressure is therefore clearly needed …  •


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