War criminal Tony Blair knighted

Former British PM Tony Blair has been Knighted by Queen Elisabeth. Given his aggression vis-a-vis the innocent people of Iraq, this is highly offensive. In view of Blair’s disregard for international law and basic morality, he should instead be prosecuted by a British court of justice. This would demonstrate to Iraqis and right-minded people worldwide that his role in the 2003 invasion of Iraq constituted a crime against humanity.

Denis J. Halliday,
UN Assistant Secretary-General (Iraq: 1997/98)
(resigned in protest)

 Hans-C. von Sponeck,
UN Assistant Secretary-General (Iraq:1998-2000)
(resigned in protest)

A UK petition (www.change.org) for Tony Blair to be removed from his knighthood has now received over 1.1 million signatures. (Editor’s note)


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