“Forward, builders of peace!”

On 30 April 20,000 citizens took part in a march from Perugia to Assisi; participants came from a total of 156 municipalities, provinces and regions, from 53 schools, 88 national associations, 359 local associations. Rectors from dozens of universities, mayors, students and activists came. Well-known Italian personalities such as Alex Zanotelli, Gherardo Colombo, Flavio Lotti and Beppe Giulietti spoke on stage.
  Beyond the numbers, the pictures and the testimonies of the participants speak of a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere, a good mood, popular and current songs, many banners, a large catholic presence and many young people. All of them had come together to say No to arms deliveries to Ukraine, to increased military spending and to all wars, including the forgotten ones that mortify humanity and destroy the planet. Put politics and diplomacy back at the centre, the only way to achieve a just and lasting peace. “Forward, builders of peace!” was the concluding salute and wish of this extraordinary march.  •

Source: Pressenza Redazione Italia of 30 April 2022

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