Instead of NATO expansion, Hungarian Peace Forum demands a compromise with Russia

The Forum for Peace, a socio-political alliance created to preserve the peace of our country, asks the Parliament not to ratify the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO. The expansion of NATO would not serve peace, but would hinder the peaceful resolution of the conflict and the political development. According to the conviction of the cooperators in the Forum for Peace movement, Hungary is not interested in continuing the war, but in making peace. The government and the Parliament would do a good service to the cause of Peace if, in accordance with the will of the vast majority of our people for peace, instead of expanding to the east, they encouraged NATO to come to an agreement with Russia and fulfill Moscow’s demand for security guarantees presented to Washington and Brussels on December 15, 2021. The Forum for Peace considers Russia’s demand for security to be legitimate, and that neither NATO nor its leading power, the USA, may threaten it along its borders. The Hungarian government must stand on its heels and demand from its allies that NATO end Ukraine’s military support against Russia and prove its ability to guarantee mutual security and peaceful East-West cooperation within the framework of the proposed pan-European conference. According to the Peace Forum, Hungary could only realise its old dream in the system of pan-European cooperation: true self-determination and national development free from foreign interference.

Association for the Rule of Law, Hungarian Anti-Fascist League,
Labor Party, Hungarian Community for Peace,
Balog István, Bognár Tibor, Fehérvári Zsolt, Hajdú József,
Hetényi Balázs, Hirschler Tamás, Kleinheincz Ferenc, Krajcsovicz Gyöngyi,
Nagy Zsolt József, Petráss László,
Salga István, Simó Endre, Thürmer Gyula

Source: Statement of the Hungarian Peace Forum of 5 November 2022

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