What about protection of german citizens and german territory?

What about protection of german citizens and german territory?

by Willy Wimmer, retired State Secretary

For Nice and the Nices to come, wherever they may take place, one thing must be clear and unambiguous. The perpetrators must be hunted down to the last corner of the world and be arrested so that we obtain information about the backers. As citizens of this country we do expect that from our state and from the relevant security authorities. For all our neighbors it must be clear that Germany as a state is at their side when they have been victims of such cowardly attacks.

The perpetrators must be caught and we have to change our policy

Since the internationally illegal war against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in March 1999, our southern neighboring region is covered with murder and manslaughter by the West, led by the United States, the United Kingdom and France, but also with German participation. French special forces on Sy-rian territory are reported not to have been destroyed solely on the ground to send a warning to the French Government. Keep your fingers out of the affairs of other states! That was and is the message, regardless of whether it is  about Mali,  Syria or about Libya, bombed to pieces by Sarkozy. The war against Yugoslavia was the signal for a new colonialism in an old guise. The collateral damages so highly praised by NATO can no longer be limited to Afghan wedding parties or to the Libyan tribes around Syrte. If the West does not stop and return to the United Nations Charter, we will be in for a nasty «blood-red» surprise as the terrorist attacks in London, Paris and Madrid have shown. In the famous «Charter of Paris» in November 1990 it has been promised by looking each other in the eye that only peace should emanate from Europe. The United States have made Europe the machine and the aircraft carrier for terrorist attacks, and our governments have approved and participated.

Our governments fail at their tasks

The first duty of our own government is to protect German citizens and German territory.
Within and at this task the federal government has failed. The mortal danger of the attacks of 9 September 2001 in New York which started from Hamburg ought to have had consequences. The protection of German citizens and German territory is not ensured by the federal government using the services of obscure advisory groups for the erosion of our constitutional or European legal system. This is tragically illustrated by 4/5 September 2015 and by our Chancellor still continuing a putsch-like abolition of the institutional framework concerning the protection of our borders. A few weeks ago a German mass magazine has illustrated – without being contradicted – that the Minister of the Interior  wanted to deploy the existing and designated police units for protecting the german borders. According to these press reports the Chancellor has forbidden this deployment. Today she complains publicly that potential offenders are using the migration movement against Europe for permanent infiltration. However, the Chancellor has to face the question why she promotes this situation by permanently having weakened the protection of our frontiers and maintains this condition to the detriment of our country and of the European Union? Nothing is achieved by immediately killing the perpetrators and not taking prisoners. We want to know why this is happening and why we are not protected? Nothing is achieved by fooling the world with posed photographs, as happened in the attack on Hebdo in Paris.     •
(Translation Current Concerns)

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