Hillary Clinton stands for war

Hillary Clinton stands for war

by Hannes Hofbauer

Whoever reads the new book of Diana Johnstone these days, gets more than just a bad feeling in the stomach. In the US presidential campaign one should not hope on Hillary Clinton, who is politically portrayed in Johnstones work. The former First Lady and former foreign minister is hot striving for power and war, hides this behind vacuous human rights and women’s rights formulas, but would make the ideal frontwoman for the US military-industrial complex, the author says.
“Queen of Chaos” the Paris-based American Diana Johnstone calls her in-depth researched biography of the Democratic presidential candidate. For years, the now 82 year old scientist has dealt with the wars operated from Washington, particularly, with the NATO attack against Yugoslavia. For two legislatures Johnstone was spokeswoman of the Greens in the European Parliament before she fell from favor there because of her indomitable anti-NATO stance. With the political biography of the soon presumably most powerful woman in the world she makes the reader look forward to a chaotic future full of lies and wars.
Masterfully Johnstone portrays the world of thought of Hillary Clinton, and how she already succeeded as Secretary of State, to collect civil society groups around the globe for US interests. So she recalls the “strategic dialogue with civil society”, initiated by Clinton in early 2011, with which she swore the US ambassadors to the three pillars of her policy: “a responsive government, a powerful private sector and a civil society that stands for everything else that happens in the space between the state and industry.” Johnstone finds the path of liberal democrats “from
equity to diversity”, chosen under Clinton’s leadership, ideologically groundbreaking. With that they succeeded also in Europe until deep inside in left circles, to declare the class issue obsolete and replace it with the “right to be different”. The dominant social doctrine is based here on the concepts of multiculturalism, the concern for minorities and antiracism. Therein Johnstone locates a new mantra that Clinton always keeps spelling out when disagreeable governments refuse the economic and/or political obedience to her. While in the case of Saudi Arabia this was (and is) never mentioned, in the case of Yugoslavia or Libya the US under both Clintons pulled the civil society card.
The attack on Gaddafi’s Libya was, according to Johnstone, “Hillary’s war”. The Pentagon and military leaders advised against an armed encounter in Libya, but the Secretary of State Clinton boycotted all attempts for a political solution. After the lynching of
Muammar Gaddafi she let herself be carried away to the Caesar paraphrasing statement: “We came, we saw, he died.” Such a brutal contempt for a political opponent is rarely heard in the public.
If one follows the reasoning of Johnstone, the US-Russian relations are likely to worsen in the likely case of a Clinton presidency. In this regard Johnstone recalls the critique of the “Queen of Chaos” towards George W. Bush in 2008. His then short-term approaching to the Kremlin, which prompted him to the utterance that he had looked Putin in the eyes and had seen his soul, Hillary Clinton acknowledged by saying that a “KGB agent had no soul”.
After reading the book anxiety remains, as the author demonstrates how Clinton aggressively enforced her worldview as Foreign Minister, and there is little hope that this could change as president.     •

Johnstone, Diana: Queen of Chaos. The misadventures of Hillary Clinton. CounterPunch 2015

Source: <link http: www.ossietzky.net>www.ossietzky.net

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