The US are poisoning the climate in Europe

The US are poisoning the climate in Europe

by Willy Wimmer

With all the bad news, which is the result of a policy on a global scale backed by Germany, you might overlook an ultimately devastating news item. Nevertheless, it packs a punch what one could read in the newspapers. Accordingly, beginning from next year, the US will deploy an armoured brigade and thousands of vehicles and other military equipment east of Germany to the NATO countries located between the Russian Federation and Germany. The justification for this is the alleged concern of the local NATO member states against a Russian aggression that is indeed scarcely perceptible for all other countries on the continent.
Final goal of a targeted US policy
since 1992 that aims at a new disunion of the continent
Of course, all NATO countries have been betting that over the Maidan-coup not only the former Ukrainian government would fall. This would have enabled the United States to implement a since more than a decade openly declared policy which is aimed at a new separation of Europe. Ever since the public spectacle about the plait-wearing Ukrainian oligarch Yulia Tymoshenko, which was run with the participation of famous and competent German clinics, it became clear, what the US were aiming at in the Ukraine, our eastern neighbours have in their view backed the right horse. Of course, the German federal government has also managed that.
The intended elimination of the Russian naval presence in Crimea in the wake of the Maidan Putsch, with the purpose to cap the supply for the Syrian president Assad and the elimination of substantial rights of the Russian-speaking minority in Ukraine, proved as the “famous lead balloon” which had terrible consequences for the inhabitants of Eastern Ukraine.
At this time, the pithy words from the Baltic states and Poland towards Moscow were outdone only by the even planer language of high German NATO officers in the direction of Moscow. The climate was sustainably spoiling for a fight, and NATO-circles had created the psychological basis for a sufficient self-threat scenario. This was the atmospheric justification for what is the basis of the American troop deployment today.
The United States consistently
undermine the agreements of the
“Two plus Four Treaty” in Germany
This announced troop deployment closes a chapter that most directly relates to us in Germany. Since Napoleon, all conclusions from history had induced us Germans to see to it that only German troops were stationed on the territory of the former GDR. Under no circumstances, we wanted the antagonistic situation, which had been so relevant for the Cold War, to be continued. The dense network of contractual links and not military dominance should determine Europe. The presence of allied NATO forces on the territory of the former GDR was to avoid.
Germany was not yet reunited, as all sorts of attempts had been made by the allied forces to undermine these provisions. This effort had been visible at the latest since due to the war in Afghanistan, Leipzig Airport – and it had just to be Leipzig - had become the hub for American troop deployments in Afghanistan.
Today, the mainly American convoys trek eastwards on the military training grounds in the eastern German federal states, as if there was not sufficient adequate exercise space for the global muscle- and war-games of the US in Grafenwöhr and elsewhere. Every effort is made to water the “Two plus Four Treaty” down and to turn it into its opposite: no longer a contract related policy towards Russia.
150 kilometres to St. Petersburg –
Leningrad comes again into focus
St. Petersburg looks to Europe. The view in the Western direction is in no way pleasant these days. American tanks are today as virtually at the gates of Russia’s second most important city as decades ago Soviet missiles, which had been targeted at New York. It is nearly immaterial what NATO and the Russian Federation in better times had agreed on in terms of the omitting of Western deployments.
The US have done everything to blow things up in Europe. Why should people in Moscow not construe the Western signals emitted since 1992 as they deem it right?
Today, in Germany you can justifiably assume that it took the US a good twenty-five years to rebuild trenches in Europe again and let walls emerge. The US have been alienating the NATO Treaty from its purpose of the contract without affirmation of the peoples of the member states. This Treaty intended the mutual coupling of the Atlantic coasts without military integration, which in the meantime has occurred and had been implemented only after the establishment of the NATO.
Everyone – also the Germans – have approved NATO as a defence alliance. The Federal Constitutional Court stated this expressly in its famous “tornado judgment” of the year 2007. The specification of NATO as a global attack Alliance is not covered by the will of the German people, and there is no required approval of the German Bundestag.
It is long overdue that the Federal Government and the Attorney General denounce the daily infringement of the law on German roads. It would be preferable however, to act consistently against it without considering the viewing direction. Even better was we would respect international law and its own Constitution in connection with the NATO wars and not to join the American operations against international law.
This policy leads us back to the terrible images of the Second World War. Is that our policy towards a neighbour we can thank the reunification of Germany more than many others? Towards a neighbour who verifiably relies on international law, the peaceful settlement of conflicts and peace since before the end of the Cold War. Quite different from the US, a country we are more and more chained to and which to our vast horror stands out by the destruction of international law and the leading of wars.
The American attitude toward the NATO allies and the Russian Federation reminds us more than we prefer of the ancient Roman saying about Carthage.1 In the Conference in Bratislava in May 2000 the US have made their view clear. Accordingly it seems, that Moscow has to be destroyed, because Moscow exists. We have come such a long way.     •
1    “Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam” (“Furthermore, (moreover) I consider that Carthage must be destroyed”). The phrase was most famously uttered frequently by the Roman senator Cato the Elder (234–149 BC), as a part of his speeches. [editor’s note]
(Translation Current Concerns)

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