Oliver Stone: “Putin always acted in the interest of the Russian people”

ef. On the occasion of the presentation of his new documentary film about the assassination of John F. Kennedy at the BCN Film Festival in Barcelona, the well-known film director Oliver Stone also commented to the Spanish newspaper “El Pais” on Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he last met three years ago: “The man I knew had nothing to do with the irresponsible and murderous madman that the media are now making him out to be, comparing him with Hitler and Stalin,” Stone said. In reality, he is a "good son of his country who wants to protect his people. The man I knew was rational, calm, always acting in the best interest of the Russian people, a true son of Russia, a patriot, which doesn’t imply he’s a nationalist.”
  Stone told “El Pais” that it was a long-term US plan to install a pro-Western, anti-Russian government in Ukraine, with the aim of making Ukraine a useful antagonist of Russia. Possibly the ultimate goal was to destabilise Russia and bring about regime change “to take Putin out and install another Yeltsin”. He described the USA as “a predatory dog” that would not stop at Russia and could later target China. He deplored the way in which Russia is portrayed as “the bad guy” and the US as “the good guy”. Stone went on to say: “The only thing the United States is concerned with is continuing to sell enormously expensive weapons to regimes with which it cooperates because that’s how its economy keeps growing”.
  Also, red-hot today are his 2017 four-part documentary “The Putin Interviews”, as well as “Ukraine on Fire” (2016), a documentary on the background to the 2013-2014 Maidan protests, as well as the follow-up “Revealing Ukraine”, together with Igor Lopatonok, which continues the research about the ongoing Ukraine crisis (all still on YouTube so far).

Sources: El Pais of 26 April 2022;

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