USA, NATO and Russia – what will their next moves be?

by Professor Dr Eberhard Hamer, Mittelstandsinstitut Niedersachsen e.V.

The level of deceit and dishonesty concerning the Ukraine crisis is at the bottom line. The US president has already twice designated fixed dates (first 16, then 20 February 2022, in any case “imminent”) as the start of the war. Where did he get that from? Not from Putin. So is the war then to be started by a USA satellite?

Since his accession to power, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy has promised the “reconquest of the renegade Donbass” and of Crimea. For months, he has been inciting his right-wing national extremists to “restore the great Ukrainian empire”, in order to generate readiness for war and fear of Russian intervention.
  Above all, however, in recent weeks Zelenskyy has more and more imperatively demanded delivery of modern weapons by NATO states, and he has received these from the USA, Poland and others. Only the German government was cautious enough not to support the armament of Ukraine through German arms deliveries, but in turn had to put up with increasingly insolent insults from Ukrainian politicians.
  The panic fear-mongering concerning a Russian invasion of Ukraine was reinforced by the NATO Secretary General, who was faced with the internal problem that France, for example, had described NATO as “brain-dead”, whereupon the NATO leadership needed a new raison d’être in order to be able to justify its existence as well as the constantly increasing contributions payable by NATO satellites. Since then, not only the economic war with Russia, but the “threat from Russia” has been NATO’s mantra. Also, the NATO leadership is warmongering and spreading fear of war, even though Ukraine is not a NATO member.
  Belligerence is also coming from the USA. For years, the USA have been annoyed by the fact that, since Putin’s inauguration, Russia has not submitted to them. They have therefore been propagandistically building up the Russian president as a warmonger and war criminal in their world press for quite some time.
  Above all, Biden and his government, like the entire USA, are facing a financial collapse. They have built up the highest debts in their history, a tenfold annual budget, so they are over-indebted. The interest-free status of these debts, which the FED has so far been struggling to keep up, can no longer be maintained, because inflation in the USA has risen above 7 % and is driving up market interest rates as well. So the USA will soon become insolvent as well - thus fulfilling both bankruptcy conditions.
  Many times in history, politicians who were at a loss facing the crash of their policies have resorted to war as a last resort. For this reason, the Biden government could once again be happy with a war in Ukraine.
  However, the USA will not intervene with its own soldiers in Ukraine. President Biden has stated this unequivocally, and it would not sell domestically either, after the USA has lost more than a dozen regional wars since the Second World War and has lately also had to accept a shameful rout in Afghanistan. The world’s largest and most expensive army is threatening everywhere, but it can no longer win.
  The financier behind Biden’s Democrats is the arms lobby - the largest and most powerful domestic and foreign policy lobby in the USA. It has to kindle a war somewhere in the world in order to make even more profits, in order to be able to sell and produce armaments again. The share prices of the arms industry are already rising enormously. It is already secretly supplying Ukraine. In the event of a war, demand would multiply. The US arms lobby would thus profit from a war in Ukraine and is therefore financing the domestic hate chants against Russia and against Putin.
  By now it has become the mantra of our media and politicians that Putin and Russia want war with Ukraine, but this is not backed up by facts. Russia knows about the cost of war and its domestic and foreign policy risks. Putin wants security against further NATO expansion because he fears American missiles in Ukraine that could reach St. Petersburg in 5 minutes and Moscow in 8 minutes. So far, he has not been able to achieve this guarantee in the many hours of negotiations.
  However, Russia has also given its compatriots in the Donbass a guarantee not to abandon them if they are attacked by Ukrainian military. Therefore, Russia is facing a problem: if Ukraine starts a military attack in the Donbass, Russia will have to protect its compatriots and thus formally attack Ukrainian territory. Zelenskyy could then announce to the world that Russia had attacked Ukraine, while it was he himself who had started the war in the Donbass and thus brought about Russian intervention. It is exactly in line with this that attempts are already being made to dismiss all reports of Ukrainian attacks on the Donbass as Russian “disinformation”.
  This is the US-Ukrainian trap set for Russia to step into.
  That is why Zelenskyy, massively supported by the US government, has for the past two years been increasingly portraying Ukraine in Western propaganda as a threatened state, as if Ukraine were to be swallowed by Russia. What he has achieved is that the West is constantly issuing new oaths of allegiance to the NATO member states in Europe against a Russian invasion of Ukraine, and is (with the exception of Germany) supplying armaments and generously financially supporting the corrupt Ukrainian system.
  Obviously, Zelenskyy believes that by invading the Donbass, he can force the Russians to invade the same Donbass, formally Ukraine, thus making Russia appear as an invader of Ukrainian territory and as an aggressor, and forcing the NATO states to officially or unofficially comply with their oaths of allegiance.
  And if Zelenskyy were to order the invasion of the Donbass and thus force Russia to retaliate, this would in any case be an advantage for the USA (arms industry, forced correction of the credit, debt and interest rate crisis) and Zelenskyy himself (chance to recapture the Donbass) - but a clear disadvantage for Russia (war costs, no war advantages). Above all, it would also be a disadvantage for all of Europe (war as a trigger for a European energy, financial and debt crisis).
  However: There is one thing the US-Ukrainian conspiracy has not reckoned with. Russia and its president will not fall into the trap set for them. So, let us wait and see what Putin’s next move will be.
  And what about the rest of Europe? The Europeans, Macron and also Scholz, know very well that that the escalation of the war in Ukraine would primarily harm themselves. But obviously they are not yet ready to draw the necessary consequences – how much longer?  •

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