Appeal for peace in Ukraine from Syria

ef. On 20 January 2023, the “Ukraine Support Meeting” took place in the German city of Ramstein at the US Army Base, which is “American ground” in Germany to this day. The pressure on Germany to send tanks to war is rising. US-affiliated Western media try to increase the pressure on a daily basis.
  We are asking: To what end leads this war theatre, why even more bloodshed? If the West had the political will, the war would be over immediately and serious negotiations could be held. If it were wanted …
  Just before our editorial deadline, the following appeal reached us from Syria. It was from Professor George Jabbour*, who submitted this appeal with the following words:

“This brief yet obvious appeal can be signed by everyone. It is directed towards the meeting in Ramstein/Germany, where NATO, USA and the UN are coming together. 24 February 2023 marks the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine, and this appeal is a whisper, a cry, a manifestation of the fact that we take part in the shaping of our world. Even if we are not asked about it, it is our right and our duty to do everything for peace.”

Appeal for Peace in Ukraine from Syria

To the political leaders who are involved in the war in Ukraine:
One year is enough. Stop the fighting. Start negotiating. Everything is on the table.

* Prof. Dr. George Jabbour, Syria; Former Presidential Advisor; Professor of Political Science emeritus at the Universities of Aleppo, Damascus, Cairo, Khartum; AUB Washington DC. He is the founder and first president of the Syrian Society for the United Nations.

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