Letter to the Editor


With our letter to the editor, we would very much like to support the statements made by Dr iur. Marianne Wüthrich in Current Concerns No. 6 of 28 March 2023.
  It is hard to believe how we should be distracted from what President (of the Swiss Federal Council) Alain Berset is really saying, when he declares on behalf of the Federal Council that Switzerland’s neutrality law prohibits neighbouring countries from transferring weapons purchased from us to countries at war. A. Berset emphasises that Switzerland’s position is based on our commitment to peace, peace talks and humanitarian law. We are the seat of the Geneva Convention, the ICRC and the UN. This role of Switzerland is reflected in our laws. But instead of supporting this statement, we are distracted by the notion of “war frenzy”, which A. Berset observed out of concern about the prevailing mood in many countries and which apparently, he had expressed to the newspaper “Le Temps”.
  If weapons were passed on, Switzerland would also become a participant in the war. This would be the end of our neutrality and our credibility as a mediator between multipolar world powers. It is all the more urgent to sign the people’s federal initiative to “maintain Swiss neutrality”!

Matthias Elmiger and Gertrud Pfändler, Ebnat-Kappel (Switzerland)

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